Informatica Training

Informatica training is an industry-designed course for mastering the Informatica tool for ETL. You will learn how to configure, install, and administer PowerCenter. As part of the Informatica PowerCenter training, you will also do the testing and monitoring of data processing using an automated, scalable, and auditable approach

What you’ll learn in This Course?

  1. Informatica architecture and PowerCenter
  2. Installation and configuration of Informatica
  3. Managing and monitoring Informatica workflow
  4. Using PowerCenter to handle jobs and tasks
  5. Informatica workflow variables and session parameters
  1. Working with Informatica Admin Console
  2. Informatica performance tuning
  3. Managing Informatica Repository
  4. ETL functionalities and scenarios
  5. Informatica SQL and XML transformation


About Informatica?

Leotrainings Informatica Training Online will train you on how to administer the tool efficiently, and to upgrade your skills to the latest version. This Informatica Certification course provides you an overview of Informatica PowerCenter Product and its installation, the concepts of data integration, and data warehousing.

You will learn how different development units of PowerCenter can be used to create a simple mapping. The Informatica Certification Course introduces you to advanced transformation techniques, and ETL scenarios using Informatica 10. You will understand the features provided by Informatica to debug, troubleshoot and handle errors.

You will learn the best practices for optimum performance of your ETL process & to manage the repository effectively. An overview of the PowerCenter administration console is given, and you will recognize and be able to explain integration and repository service properties.

The Informatica Course Online will also deal with command-line aspect of Informatica PowerCenter

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Informatica training is an industry-designed course for mastering the Informatica tool for ETL. You will learn how to configure, install, and admin...
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Informatica Demo

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Informatica Curriculum

Informatica PowerCenter – Overview
  • nformatica & Informatica Product Suite
  • Informatica PowerCenter as ETL Tool
  • Informatica PowerCenter Architecture
  • Component-based development techniques

Data Integration and Data Warehousing Fundamentals
  • Data Integration Concepts
  • Data Profile and Data Quality Management
  • ETL and ETL architecture
  • Brief on Data Warehousing

Informatica PowerCenter Transformations
  • Visualize Power Center client tools
  • Data Flow
  • Create & execute mapping
  • Transformations & their usage

Informatica PowerCenter Tasks & Workflows
  • PowerCenter Workflow Manager
  • Flow within a Workflow
  • Reusability & Scheduling in Workflow Manager
  • Components of Workflow Monitor
  • Workflow Task and job handling

Advanced Transformations, Techniques & Reusability Features
  • Advanced transformations (Java, SQL, Normalizer)
  • XML File Processing & Transaction Processing
  • Error handling features
  • Cleaning the data (Advanced Functions, Regular Expressions)
  • Reusability features

ETL Scenarios using Informatica
  • Changed Data Capture, Incremental Aggregation, Constraint Based Loading etc.
  • Advanced techniques - Flat File, XML File
  • Loading Dimensional Tables (SCD-1, SCD-2, SCD-3)

Performance Tuning, Design Principles & Caches
  • PowerCenter Error
  • Basic troubleshooting methodology
  • Debugger
  • Workflow and Session logs to diagnose errors
  • Connection Errors & Network errors
  • Recovery scenarios & mechanisms
  • Configure workflow & sessions for recovery
  • High Availability
  • PowerCenter Environment

Informatica PowerCenter Repository Management
  • Performance Tuning Methodology
  • Mapping design tips & tricks
  • Caching & Memory Optimization
  • Partition & Pushdown Optimization
  • Design Principles & Best Practices

Informatica Administration & Security
  • Repository Manager tool (functionalities, create and delete, migrate components)
  • PowerCenter Repository Maintenance

Command Line Utilities
  • Features of PowerCenter 10
  • Overview of the PowerCenter Administration Console
  • Integration and repository service properties
  • Services in the Administration Console (services, handle locks)
  • Users and groups

Informatica 10 – Technical Architecture
  • Informatica 10 Architecture
  • Application services
  • Buffer memory
  • Connectivity among the tolls
  • Connection Pooling

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Informatica Training


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